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At Affordable Bill Pay we want to be your place for payments.

Paying bills shouldn’t be a difficult task. With our service, Affordable Bill Pay, it is easy to pay bills online.

Save time using our platform: Sign up for free and chose the company you need to pay.

Great value: With our service you will always have a way to pay your bills easily in one place.

Pay or Collect: Just like it sounds, use our site to pay a bill or collect for your business. You're at the right place if you are a business owner or you need to pay a bill.

Set up Recurring payments: You can make recurring payments. You will save by having your bill paid on time, preventing late fees.

With our service, we treat everyone with courtesy and respect whether you are an individual, a big or small business.

Our founder's goal is to provide a reliable and consistent payment service to satisfy your needs.

• You can call or email us 24 hours a day

• You will always get a response within 12 hours

• Our focus is on making it right

• We are here for you

• We will not ignore your wants and needs

• We appreciate your business

Thank you for giving us a chance by choosing Affordable Bill Pay as your bill payment company.

We look forward to giving you exceptional service for years to come.

Let us be your place for all your payment needs!

Thank you,

From your bill payment friends at Affordable Bill Pay.

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